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PM/CM Solutions to achieve cost, schedule and quality objectives on your construction assignments

PM/CM Specialists

Owners and construction industry experts recognize that using qualified program, project, and construction management (PM/CM) services is the most direct and effective means to achieve cost, schedule, and quality objectives on construction assignments of any type or size.

At IPS, those essential management services are the core of our construction practice.

As PM/CM specialists, we provide the following advantages to you on public and private sector assignments:

  • Management on your behalf, with no vested financial interest in design or construction

  • Independent evaluation of design efficiency, risk, cost estimates, and other sensitive issues

  • Expert assistance in achieving optimal use of cost and schedule controls, resources, and contracting and procurement methods

  • Support for interagency coordination, regulatory compliance, and resolution of other local, state, and federal governmental issues

IPS offers you expertise and insight gained on thousands of successful PM/CM contracts worldwide. We can help you realize your goals on assignments ranging from multi-billion dollar capital programs to small individual projects. Based on our extensive experience with design and construction management, we can help you develop a program or project management plan that applies proven methods to minimize the risks typical of a construction effort of your scope and size.

When you are ready to proceed into design, we can assist you in selecting qualified design consultants and in developing a responsibility matrix that will clearly outline the roles and tasks of each team member.

Schedule Management

Schedule management, as practiced by IPS, comprises more than standard schedule monitoring and reporting activities. Early in your program or project, we can develop a critical path method (CPM) master schedule with activities and durations to plan your exact design, bid, and construction objectives.

With that schedule as a guide, we help you plan when and where to apply resources for maximum results.

IPS often steps in to help owners whose ongoing projects are experiencing delays. We troubleshoot schedules to pinpoint the sources of delays and develop viable “workaround” schedules to bring your project back on track.


IPS can help you create a safe work environment in accordance with the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory agencies. Our goal is to help you protect workers and the general public against accident and injury.

Our services can involve conducting a health and safety assessment and creating a site-specific safety manual for your project. We can also review your contractor’s safety program to verify that it fully responds to safety regulations and contains provisions for the immediate detection and rectification of safety violations. Our staff can also prepare an emergency response plan that outlines procedures to be followed in the event of an accident.

IPS can provide trained staff to monitor safety compliance on your project. Our staff can also coordinate regular site safety meetings to discuss any actual or potential safety incidents and pass along strategies to improve site safety. At the close of your project, we make sure that all safety certifications are turned over to your staff or a designated safety organization.

Another way IPS can assist you is through the implementation and administration of an Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) that can significantly reduce your insurance costs.

We can also recommend ways to incorporate safety incentives into your construction contracts to increase your contractor’s attention to project safety.

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