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The Institute for Program Solutions TEAM

Meet the key members of the IPS Team.

Dr. Bill Bersing, DM, PE, CCM serves as our President is a registered Professional Engineer in Virginia and specializes in construction, scheduling, cost control, and Construction Management Information Systems. With over 30 years of experience, Bill has built his career on the successful execution of large construction programs and providing full-time support of programs in the United States, Puerto Rico, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Our European Managing Director, Ing. Gianluca Ceschini, has over 35 years experience in project and construction management throughout the world and is a registered engineer in Italy. CM Team Services on large and small construction and engineering program initiatives include locations in; Iraq, ME, throughout Africa, and Europe.

Dr. Jim Chambers, ED.d serves as our Director of Training and Operations has built his career providing educational consulting specializing in strategic planning, organizational development, executive leadership, and information management. In addition, he also serves on the doctoral faculty of the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies as well as a number of boards and committees. His and leadership resources have been used by thousands of leaders and managers worldwide to improve personal productivity and organizational effectiveness.


107 S West Street - Alexandria, VA 22314

Washington, DC +1.703.853.6408

VA Beach/ Norfolk +1.757.932.0140

Small Business DUNS: 137766734

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